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3/2007 - Updated Review - Carol - Ratliff Pottery&Tile
I have used Hostcaters for many years now and have never had a complaint. In fact, all I can say is good about the company. Their contact response is almost immediate. I am not sure they ever sleep because they are always there to answer questions. I would be happy to refer them to anyone needing a website host.
7/2000 - Initial Review - Carol - Cater Client since 2000!
Kudos to HostCaters.com
Rating: 9
Very pleased with the service. I wrote to several hosts with questions and the response from HostCaters is what made my decision on who to choose. Some places never responded, but Hostcaters.com was always extremely prompt with a reply to dozens of questions. Service since I signed on has been just as good. Martie spent alot of time helping me.

Jody writes...

Thank you so much Martie for all your help. It is now up and running and I couldn't have done it without your help. If I know anyone who needs a web-host, I am sending them your way. This was my 1st site I ever did and I like it but with practice I'll hopefully get better. Thanks again- Jody

Janelle Klein writes...

HostCaters.com has truly exceptional Service. The web services were extremely fast and reliable, even when compared to local providers! They even supported my unique hosting needs, which many providers did not offer.And in addition to their exceptional web hosting, their friendly and personal service makes HostCaters.com the ideal choice. Thank you!

Clyde Semler
Clyde Semler writes
Support + Easy = HostCaters!
Let me tell you, I didn't just rush into this affair. After the hours I spent creating my web pages, I had many concerns about their new lives out there in cyberspace. And, my greatest worry was being lost in space. In selecting a webhost, I spent 2 weeks questioning several hosts via email and phone. I had lots of questions, but many of the answers I got were vague and unconvincing. Then I started communicating with Martie at HostCaters. She gave me the answers I needed......and much more. Martie inspired me with confidence that my cyberjitters were just part of the game, and that my site would soon be up and running with the best of them. Martie was right about it all being easy, and I can't tell you how she helped me to launch and refine my site. From my first question to today, HostCaters' support has always been there when I needed it. I know I made the right choice. Pain from the sham hosts, champagne from HostCaters! Cheers!

I'm the same person that is presently using HostCaters service for www.ensolnet.com . Your excellent customer service and reasonable rates have convinced me to use HostCaters services for all my web hosting needs. If this sounds like a testomonial, it is.

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Great Customer Service!
Jason Therrien writes
Rating: 9
- Cater Client since 2001!
HostCaters is tops in my book! We have dealt with many hosting companies over the years and have not received the kind of individualized attention coupled with great rates, that we have found at HostCaters! Thanks for making our job so easy! Jason Therrien

GREAT SERVICE! - Cater Client since 2000!
Michael Wright
Rating: 10

I discovered Hostcaters quite by accident when I was having difficulties with another hosting service. I have found Hostcaters.com to be top notch in every respect. I have been particularly impressed with the rapid response we have recieved every time we have needed help on an issue. Unlike other hosting services I have used, HostCaters.com is deserving of a high recommendation. Please try them .. I guarantee you will like them! BTW ... you might be tempted to think I work for HostCaters or they are compensating me some how for this recommendation. I assure you this is NOT the case! I am a client and am receiving no compensation. Please feel free to contact me at michael@m3mr.com if you would like me to give you any further info on this great company.

4/2004 - Updated Review
I cannot say enough good things about this host. I have been with them for over 2 years (another site). Their service, features and support are unsurpassed. Always notified in advance of any routine maintenance, which occurs in the wee hours of the morning anyway. Other than that, in 2 years there has been zero down time except for once, when they had a fire in their facility. E-mail for support is usually answered by the owner, Martie, often within minutes. All this for $70/ year. Can't beat it! If there's anything I have to be grateful to AOL for, it's for being so horrible that I was forced to find a "pay for" host. I was lucky to find such a great one on the first try.
1/10/2003 - Initial Review
It doesn't get any better!
When you decide to get serious about hosting your website, you'll point your domain name to a Hostcaters' server. Their claim of 99.9% uptime is NO exaggeration. Server speed, the fastest, friendliest support you'll find anywhere, easy-to-use interface to manage your site; and all at a more than reasonable price. It really doesn't get any better! I've hosted my domain with Hostcaters for a year now and can't find enough good things to say about them. Self-proclaimed "she-geek," Martie, offers a superior service on all facets and will spoil you with the caring and attentiveness with which she showers her customers.

Solid Support at HostCaters.com
By James Hinshaw - Cater Client since 2000!
Rating: 10

HostCaters has been very responsive to my questions. They usually provide answers to my questions within an hour or two. Their service provides tools to help manage my site and perform special functions such as forms, email, etc...

Friendly and responsive customer service is the key By Mark Squires
Rating: 9
After being burned repeatedly by bigger names in the business like Interland, with its horrendous and non-responsive tech support, and CI Host, with its slow server and "no answers" to tech support emails, I tried a smaller and newer service. They solved my biggest problem right away. Namely, when you ask a tech question, you get an answer! Service. Gee, there's a new idea, right? Nothing in life is perfect, but the most frustrating thing is the inability to find out what is happening, when it will be fixed, and get answers. Maybe HostCaters will grow as its reputation does and it will begin to resemble the other "What, me worry?" guys. But at the moment the service is personal, quick and responsive. And the servers are fast, too! Highly recommended.

Servers and service that can handle the load.
By Bill Rowell - Cater Client since 1999!
Rating: 10
Hostcaters has the ability to handle even the busiest sites. Martie and crew are responsive to the smallest of issues and keep you sane when your site is driving you crazy. We span 3 domains with over 300,000 page views a month, so down time is not a option. With Hoscaters you are always up and running. Stop looking for your next hosting service you just found them at Hostcaters.

Updated Review
August 17, 2008
Darlene - Class 123.com

Talk about longevity, I have been a HostCaters customer for 6 years now, and I am as satisfied as I was the first time Martie “walked” me through the initial set up of my website. After being disappointed with the service of my previous web host I was so relieved to have found a friendly, professional, and most importantly reliable company. In six years my website has never been “down.” Whenever the company makes changes on their server that may affect the domain owner’s site the professionals at HostCaters let you know well in advance. Not too long ago they changed the set up of the original Control Panel. You can not imagine how happy I was that the new flawless Control Panel was even easier to navigate than what I had hoped for. On the rare occasional when I have had to email HostCaters, their response time has been swift. There is no reason to sit around with your phone on hold waiting for a recorded message. I have said this before, but if you are looking for worry free webhosting, at an affordable price HostCaters is the way to go! Darlene

8/18/07 - Updated Review
Darlene - Class 123.com
I have been a HostCaters client for about 5 years, and I am completely pleased with there service. After trying other hosts, I switched to HostCaters because of their easy to use Control Panel…which I love. However, I really appreciate the friendly, professional customer service that Martie and the HostCaters staff provide. Any question or concern that I have ever had was quickly and personally answered the same day. There is no need to wait on the phone for recorded messages that lead to other recorded messages. When you email HostCaters -they respond. I am so glad I chose Hostcaters and I would recommend them to anyone who wants worry free webhosting.

8/2004 - Initial Review
Thanks for all of your help & support. You are a great company. I appreciate the times you have helped me with any issue or problem I may have had.

Kristi - 12/01/07 SimplyKristi.com Updated Review
The team does a fantastic job of setting things up and keeping them running. Over the six-plus years I have been with HostCaters, I have experienced very little downtime. The team is always quick to answer emails and I like that. I have the next-to-the-most expensive plan at $29.95 per month. I don't mind paying the extra because I get fantastic customer service.
6/2001 - Initial Review
Kristi - Don't Look Any Further for the Perfect Host....
Rating: 10
HostCaters.com will be your host for your domain. Fast and friendly service!! Martie will have you set up and running in less than thirty minutes!! Martie helps you research cost-saving resources for you. The Control Panel is EASY to use. I HIGHLY recommend HostCaters.com for your hosting needs.

8/5/07 - Updated Review
Jim O'Grady - FG World - FG Memories
Almost two years to the day, I have just opened a second account with Hostcaters. Now, ask yourself, would I open a second account if I weren't absolutely 100% delighted with the service and value I get for my money.? I think we all know the answer to that!.
With Martie running the show, her response time is so quick to requests for assistance, it's like having a next door neighbour you can go to for help anytime, even if she is actually about 5000 miles away!!!!.
9/08/06 - Initial Review
Jim O'Grady - I'm only too pleased to tell people of the service I've had from HostCaters, and not only just the skilled professional support and assistance.
Particularly in the very early days when I encountered problems caused entirely by me being a newbie.
Even though technically not the responsibility of HostCaters, not once did you and your team fail to respond to me with anything but friendliness, understanding and patience, guiding me to the solutions I needed. When a company is prepared to help me even though it's not really a problem of theirs, that's what I call Customer service!!. HostCaters.com can justifiably claim "where clients come first".
I cannot see any other Hosting company surpassing what HostCaters offer me as a client, therefore I wont be looking anywhere but to Hostcaters for my current and future hosting needs. I would unhesitatingly recommend HostCaters to anyone!

7/25/07 - HostCaters Testimonial
Designing websites for VERY small businesses requires a special kind of webhost. I've done business with a few who say their customer service is top-rate but have found they prefer to work with the masters. I've waited as long as half an hour on the phone for tech support only to be cut off and forced to call again.
Finally, I've found HostCaters! Thank Heavens! Martie and her staff have come to my rescue so many times. HostCaters has remained a small business on purpose, and they understand the needs of other small businesses. They provide all the services of larger webhosts, with none of the hassles I've found with the Big Guys. I've been treated with friendliness, fairness and promptness! I will certainly use HostCaters from now on, and I recommend them without hesitation to all!
Nancy Trevorrow

4/4/2007- Updated Review - Cater Client since 2000!
Wayne Hayward ... Marine-Plus.Com
7 Years Strong!
Now in April 2007--- You can Not find a Better Host. It's wonderful to know that after 7 Years using HostCaters they are Still providing Excellent Service, with No Downtimes to worry about. My Web Site is Growing more than I thought possible... Thanks Again Martie and to the HostCaters Staff!
1/2000 - There can only be one word for the service I have received from the admin at HostCaters and that is "GREAT!". Being new to the business of Designing my own Website I have found their quick response to Questions for Help, when I Mess Up, to be very REWARDING. At times I felt alone. Thanks Hostcaters and especially Martie for watching my back. I know I have a long way to Finish Up!

Don and Sue Lummus - The Texas Two
No Need To Go Anywhere Else! HostCaters is it!
Just had to tell.. If you're looking for Great Service in a Web Host.. HostCaters.com is the only service one would need!
After "dabbling" around with all the "free" sites...Tripod, GeoCities.. mainly because of not being able to afford the paid choices back then, I happened across a listing for HostCaters... went and checked 'em out.. signed up immediately! Couldn't afford not to! Within a couple of hours.. I had a "professional" web hosting service, and within a day or so, had a "real" web site up and running.. and believe me, with my little knowledge of web building, as well as experience with hosting sites.. that was quite an accomplishment!

Martie and the crew handled everything with simple instructions.. and more help than necessary. Now, after over 3 years of service with them.. still amazed at how quickly and efficiently Martie and HostCaters responds to my every question or request! Not once, in all this time, my site has never gone down, nor failed to work perfectly every time!
Doubt very seriously that any other hosting service on the Internet could make that statement truthfully!
Don & Sue Lummus

On Eternal Patrol
Our website has been online for a year, and we have experienced absolutely no problems. Downtime is minimal, uploads are quick, and response to our questions has been prompt, courteous, and accurate. Martie's personal touch is most appreciated, and we look forward to many more years of being hosted by this fine service. I'm truly very happy with HostCaters.

Former Client -
I have been with Hostcaters for 5 years. Recently, my site was down thanks to my bad HTML. I'd rescripted it two dozen times in two days and was only getting deeper in trouble. It was a Sunday and the next day was July 4th so when I emailed a SOS to Hostcaters, I wasn't expecting to hear back until later that week. Within hours, however, Martie sent me a couple ideas and, later that day, Cameron sent me a straightforward and detailed approach to solving my problem that worked like a charm.

Dave writes:

Just wanted to say thanks!
I can't imagine any host could improve on your service. You made me look like a hero, AGAIN!

We have received super fast email support since signing up. They did a re-design of our site. We've been a customer since May, 2003.
Alamo Rotary


A year ago I had a vague idea for an internet version of my business and customers pleading for online access. This was a major step for me and I researched for a month; a disheartening venture when I read of all the horror stories with webhosts. When I learned of HostCaters, I searched far and wide and could not find one single complaint...unheard of on the internet! I contacted Martie numerous times and knew I had found my solution after receiving honest, informative, and immediate replies. Since subscribing to HostCaters, Martie has gone far beyond providing a second-to-none service, by way of her tireless and patient support in every area. My problems with building and uploading my first site disappeared with constant and thorough communications, I literally would not be here today if it were not for Martie. My business has expanded into areas I never would have dreamed, and my customer base has grown 10-fold because I am now available through the internet. I now have nationwide notoriety in my field and have gained large corporate contracts that were once out of reach. HostCaters is a quality service and by far my most valuable and successful business investment. Thank you.


I was being given the run around by previous host and I needed an honest and inexpensive host for my business and for my customers. When my friend Pam told me about HostCaters, I didn't believe her when she said that they were the best she had ever used, and she would never look for another host again. But, I had to try it out for myself. I am so glad I did... and I have moved all of my customers here too! I am so thankful HostCaters is here for all of searching for the best! Thank you HostCaters!!!! Women Business Owners

Why go anywhere else?
Jim Martin writes - Cater Client since 1999!
Rating: 10

I can't honestly say that "Hostcaters" is the best hosting service available today because I've never tried the others... but then, why would I? I get everything I could possibly want from "Hostcaters"... and more !!! With the easy to use control panel, fast servers, reliable uptime and terrific tech help from the amazing Martie... there's really no reason to go anywhere else. "Hostcaters" has it ALL...

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